Recreation/Pool Area Locks Changed

December 19, 2014

The gate locks for the Kalmia Court Recreation/Pool area have been changed from combination locks to keys.

History:  As a part of the Renovation Project in 2011, the locks for the pool area were changed from a key system to combination.  It was reasoned that this would be easier for members.  Unfortunately it was proven too easy.  There has been problems with the code being widely distributed to non-residents resulting in unauthorized use and even a few instances of vandalism.  Additionally, there was a safety code violation in that a code was required to exit the pool area.

New key system: uses a high security key lock cylinder on one side only; no key is required to exit the area.  One non-duplicatable key will be issued to each Owner. There is a $50 fee for replacement keys.

Owners will be required to sign for receipt of their key. Owners delinquent on their account will not be able to receive their key until it is brought up to date.

Keys will be distributed to Owners at the condos of Board members as follows:

  • Andrea Meier #6 – Saturday 12/20, 1pm – 5pm
  • Kevin Schill #51 – Sunday 12/21, noon and 2pm
  • Su-Esta Scott #61 – call for appt. Monday 12/22 10-6 for 2946 only
  • Nancy Fritch #27 – for appt. Monday 12/22 10-6 for 2938, 2954, 2962

Starting 12/23, you can make arrangements to pick up your key at our property management office – HAVEN Property Managers and Advisors, 1000 S. McCaslin Blvd. Suite 300, Superior (near Costco), 303-530-0700,  We will also have them available for pickup at the Annual Meeting on January 22nd.

If you would like your renter to pick up your key, send an email from your registered email address to  Include your unit number and the name and contact information of the tenant being authorized.

Owners are responsible for passing their key to their tenant and retrieving it on their move-out. When a unit is sold the key will be passed to the new owners as part of the closing.

Happy Holidays!

December 13, 2014

tree 2015 3The year has sped by!  With the current period of warm dry weather, it is hard to believe that we are fast approaching the year’s end. We are happy to report that the Association is in good shape structurally and financially. We wish all of our owners and residents a joyful holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous 2015.

Kalmia Court Needs Your Leadership Skills

We reported in the last newsletter that Adolfo Perez-Duran will be resigning from the Board at the Annual Meeting due to increased demands at work. As of last month, James Thompson decided to resign. We are grateful to James for his careful attention to the planning and implementation of the drainage renovation project on 2938 and 2946.

The good news is that Kevin Schill (Unit 51) has volunteered to take James’ spot on the Board. A Boulder realtor, Kevin brings business savvy, systems thinking, great people skills, and a lively sense of humor to the work of the Board. He has agreed to run for election at the Annual Meeting on January 22.

This means that we will have one vacant Board position for the upcoming Board election. We have lots of energetic, capable people who are owners in this community. We need you to apply your gifts and skills to help us keep Kalmia Court a great place to live. Monthly meetings last about 2 hours. Our discussions are lively, amiable and productive. –And we often go out for dinner and libations at Murphy’s afterwards! Microbrew afficionados, “this Board’s for you ;-)”

In early January, you will be receiving your notice for the Annual Meeting which includes a interest form for running on the Board. It is an opportunity to consider how your knowledge, skills and interests can be used for the benefit of our community. To learn about Board activities in the coming year, please contact Andrea Meier, (Vice President) or Su-Esta Scott (Treasurer) at (the Board’s collective email address).

Snow and Ice Removal

While winter snows are always somewhat unpredictable, owners and residents need to know Kalmia Court’s policy on snow removal. The goal is to optimize the safety of our walkways and driveway at the lowest possible cost. As in the past year, we have contracted Tall Grass to do our snow removal. They charge by the hour. HAVEN has done a cost comparison with other snow removal companies in the area and determined that Tall Grass’ rate is well under what other companies charge–especially since the elevated walkways on 2938 and 2946 make snow removal very labor intensive.

Tall Grass has told us that it is more efficient to remove snow in smaller increments than allowing it to accumulate. With that in mind, their contract specifies that they should start removing snow on the walkways when 2 inches of snow accumulate in those areas. (Shoveled walkways include: those on buildings, sidewalks in front of buildings and along the driveway and  the direct sidewalk to the back gate of the pool. The sidewalk in park area in the northwest corner of the complex will NOT  be cleared.) The driveway will be plowed after 4 inches of snow accumulate. We have asked Tall Grass to avoid using the bobcat to plow the parking area at night between 9pm and 6am. If there is extraordinarily heavy snow storm, the Board can authorize additional snow removal. When Tall Grass workers are on the property, they will spread ice melt on steps and walkways. Ice melt buckets have been placed in all the stairwells. If you see icy spots, don’t wait for Tall Grass! Help keep your neighbors and visitors safe by spreading ice melt yourself.

Emergency Response Plan

Currently, the Association’s rules require owners to provide a key to be kept in a lock box on the property in case of the emergency. We have found that it is difficult to ensure that we have all the keys of current owners. There is also a liability issue if owners are promised that they can access them in emergencies and there is no one on the Board around to get the keys.  After considerable discussion, the Board decided that this system is impossible to manage and it will be discontinued. The rule will be removed from the Rules and Regulations. Over the next month, the Board is working to develop a new policy to be approved at the regular January board meeting. When it is approved it will be publicized it in an email blast and on the bulletin boards.

Travelling This Winter?
Remember to Set Your Unit Heat at 55 Degrees or Higher While You Are Away

You have undoubtedly heard horror stories about homeowners going away for a weekend trip and were dismayed to return to a flooded house caused by frozen pipes. Don’t let this happen to you or your neighbors! Kalmia Court rules (Section 14) require all residents to keep their units heated at 55 degrees or above during the winter to prevent damage to the plumbing or fire sprinkler systems due to freezing pipes. Owners who do not keep their units properly  heated and the pipes freeze and damage other units in their buildings will be responsible for any damages caused to the Kalmia Court Common Elements and neighboring units.

2015 Budget Completed and Annual Assessment Set

Notification about the 2015 budget and annual assessments have mailed out. You should have received them by now. If not, contact our property manager, Jacki Rivera ( at HAVEN to get another copy.

We will review the new budget and answer questions at the Annual Meeting.

HAVEN Holiday Hours

HAVEN will be closed December 24 to January 2. Reopening Monday, January 5. Emergency services will still be available by calling 303-752-6713. (Emergencies are defined as a problem that if left unattended until the next business day would result in ongoing damage to property or a threat to health and safety.)

Mark Your Calendar: Kalmia Court 2015 Annual Meeting is January 22.

Fall 2014 Newsletter

October 5, 2014

IMG_20131025_101202_465Our recent Kalmia Court Newsletter Preview blog summarized the work on the Drainage Repair Project. This newsletter will update you on the status of that project and other activities and actions around the Kalmia Court property. Our aim is to answer questions that we have received and to interest you in getting involved with building a sense of community.

This year, the Board’s attention has mainly been focused on several labor and energy intensive projects including:

  • planning and implementing the 2938/2946 Drainage repair project
  • finishing up warranty issues from the Renovation Project
  • passing the revised Declaration of Covenants document
  • updating the Association Bylaws
  • working with our property management company and an auditor to review financials passed on from previous management company

2938 Drainage Repair: Update

DSC_0010We described the planning process for this project in a previous blog post. The Board solicited bids from five companies and received two: from AGS and RECON Construction Company. On September 13, it accepted RECON’s bid to improve drainage for both 2938 and 2946.

Work began on September 30 and should continue for about three weeks, weather permitting. The trenching in the front lawn of 2938 will allow for the installation of underground pipes from the gutter systems to a main collector pipe. The trenching across the driveway will connect the collection pipe to the main sewer drain next to the island. All the trenches, including the one along the foundation of 2938 will be filled in and re-sodded. In addition, portions of the sidewalk at the north end of 2938 will be removed and replaced.

A smaller drainage system is being implemented in front of 2946 for a problem spot there.

Revised Declaration of Covenants Approval

We did it! Thanks to the 42 owners who enabled us to attain the super-majority required to approve this version. This means that the Association is now in compliance with state regulations. Remember, if you have questions about Association Governing Documents, you can find searchable, digital versions of them all in the “Documents” section of the Kalmia Court website (

Next Steps

This process is not quite complete because the lenders to all owners who have primary mortgages have to approve the declarations as well. This is usually a pro forma process. The Association’s lawyer has notified all holders of all recorded First Mortgages. If a lender does not respond within 60 days, this is considered an approval. We anticipate the completion of this stage by the end of November.

We know that some owners strongly disagreed with the removal of the three contested provisions. The Board decided to take time after the lenders have approved the revised version of the Declarations document to get owner input on ways that would possibly make them more acceptable and put each provision to a vote separately.  Since we have had 18 new owners (29.5%!) join the Association since the beginning of 2012, this will give them a voice in these policy changes, too.


Kalmia Court is at “ground zero” for problems with the Emerald Ash Tree Borer. There are 17 emerald ash trees on our property. If these trees were allowed to die, it  would be costly to have them removed, and it would diminish the appearance of the property.  The Board decided to have our trees treated. This was done last April. Currently, there are two or three dead trees on the property. At the September 25 meeting, the Board accepted a bid to have them removed.

Condominium Homeowners Insurance Policies

Owners are responsible for insuring their units with two types of policies

Homeowners and Rental Insurance

The Association’s insurance company recommends a standard HO6 policy to cover damage to your condo and your personal items from lightning, hail, windstorm, fire, vandalism, explosion, burglary, damage from any falling objects, aircrafts, smoke or vehicles. This policy also covers damages to any fixtures of upgrades you added on since your move-in date. HO6 policies also provide liability protection. Our Declarations also require owners who rent their units to have a rental insurance policy.

According to our Declarations, if an owner fails to obtain and maintain such insurance, and an uninsured loss occurs which would have otherwise been covered under the required insurance, the owner will be liable to the Association for any losses the Association suffers.

Loss Assessment insurance

Our revised declarations require owners to have loss assessment coverage. This insurance  protects you in the event of a special assessment for damage to the property’s Common Elements not covered by the Association’s insurance. For example, if the Association suffers from a major disaster (e.g.,wind or hail damage to buildings) that force special assessment to repair. this policy would protect you from sudden, large expenses.

Neither of these types of policies are expensive. Protect yourself and your property. Check with your insurer for more information.

Preparing for Emergencies

Last week, a sprinkler head burst in one of the town houses causing extensive flooding. The management company was unable to contact the owner, so the fire department had to break in through the garage door to turn off the water. Please make sure that the management company has your correct contact information–especially your current cell phone number–so you can be contacted quickly in the event of an emergency.

Management Company Rebranding

You have already received notice of this change, so this is just a reminder. As of September 15, our management company, Countryside Asset Management,  has moved and changed its name to:

Haven Property Managers & Advisors
1000 S. McCaslin Blvd., Suite 300
Superior, CO 80027
Phone: 303.530.0700 * Fax: 303.530.0217
Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 8AM-5PM Friday 8AM-1PM

Jacki Rivera will continue to be our community manager. Her new email address is

Upcoming Changes

Changes in the Association’s Fiscal Year

To accommodate the requirements of the Renovation Project loan, the Association changed its fiscal budgeting year from January through December to March through February. Our property management company has advised the Board that it would be advisable to return to the more conventional fiscal year. The Board approved this change to start in January 2015.  This means that any changes in dues will now start in January.

Renovation Loan Payoffs

The policy covering payoffs of owners portion of the Renovation loan has also changed. Owners can now pay off all or a portion of their Renovation loan at any time without additional fees.

Opportunities to Serve the Kalmia Court Community

Kalmia Court relies on volunteers for its governance and corporate wellbeing. We know that KC owners are a smart and capable bunch. We need your vision and your energy!  We encourage you to apply your knowledge, skills and talents by serving on the Board. The Association also has a few committees and ad hoc working groups. Their work is periodic and more limited in scope.

We have an excellent working relationship with Haven Property Management and Jacki, our Community Manager. To expedite decision making and reduce the number of meetings, the Board has the authority to discuss issues and make decisions virtually, and then ratify them at subsequent board meetings. We do much of our work via email and use Google Docs to collaboratively work on the Association’s policy documents and other kinds of communications. (Even if you aren’t familiar with Google Docs, we are happy to train you. It’s a useful skill for lots of purposes!).

Are you an owner who is new to the community? Have you had positive experiences working with boards of directors for other organizations or homeowners associations? Don’t be shy! We need you to join us in this work. If you are interested in being active in the community but not ready for Board service, volunteer for a committee. It’s a great way to get to know other residents and learn how our community works. To learn more about the roles and activities of the Board and committees, contact Vice-President Andrea Meier [].

Board Membership Changes

Adolfo Perez-Duran has served on the Board of Directors since October 2010. He has been a valued team member, doing wonderful job in helping to oversee the completion the Renovation Project. As treasurer, he has worked with the management company to complete the financial review. He was re-elected for another term at the 2014 Annual Meeting. Since then, however, he has changed jobs and his new responsibilities make it difficult to continue to serve. He will be resigning from the Board after the 2015 Annual Meeting. With Adolfo’s departure from the Board, townhouse owners will be losing their representation. (Townhouse owners, make sure your interests are known. Run for the Board!)

Architectural Control Committee

This committee reviews requests for changes in owners’ units that are covered under the limited common elements policies of the Association’s Declaration. When owners submit applications, committee members review proposed designs to insure that they are in compliance, and make recommendations to the Board. Applications are then subject to approval by the Board. Current members are Tom Whitmore (Unit 6) and Nancy Fritch. Nancy has been on the committee for over 15 years and would like to step down as soon as possible. We celebrate her dedication to our community.

Improving Community Communication

Building community and protecting privacy are two competing values. We welcome the eighteen new owners who have joined the Association in the last two years and tenants who share our property. Under Colorado privacy laws, the Association and the Management Company cannot share any contact information about owners. We encourage you to take the initiative to get acquainted with your neighbors, discover your shared interests, and share resources.

Residents have also commented that Kalmia Court lacks a way of regularly communicating information and opportunities. Lots of this kind of information is available in the Board meeting minutes, but we know that most residents do not go to the Association website to review them, and this information is not accessible for tenants.

We are starting this newsletter blog to address this need, but need your help. Do you like to write? Do you have experience crafting newsletters for other organizations? We are seeking one or two volunteers who would enjoy writing a short bi-monthly e-newsletter. The Board, the management company, and other residents will help to develop the content. If this idea appeals to you, or if you have suggestions about the kind of information you want in newsletter, contact Andrea Meier [].

2938 Drainage Repair – FAQ

September 13, 2014

What is the problem?

There has been drainage and water infiltration problems around the 2938 Buildings since the property was constructed. One of the main goals of the Renovation Project was to correct the severe degradation of the foundation caused by water over 25 years. The work that was completed in 2012 fixed many known structural problems, but some leaks remained. The trench was dug in order to access the foundation, test for and correct these problems with further sealing of the foundation.

Why has it taken so long to resolve the issues and close the trench?

It took time to identify what caused the leaks on the east wall of the garage and then to negotiate with AGS, our contractor, about what part of the work would be covered under their warranty. We brought in Martin & Martin Engineering as consultants to review the specifications, inspect the work that had been done originally, and to monitor AGS’ corrective work to insure that it was done properly. Additional sealant was applied to the foundation.

DSC_0617Why has the trench remained open?

As a part of a comprehensive solution, Martin & Martin reiterated their suggestion to hire a water engineer to address the root cause of the problem.  Keep the water away from the foundation and avoid future problems. We want to make sure we never have to address this issue again.

Instead of closing the trench and reopening it again, it was decided the most cost effective solution was to leave the trench open and solicit bids from a water engineer to design an overall drainage solution for the front of 2938.

What are the next steps for remediation?

Splash Engineering, was selected to design a solution. The design work took 6 weeks and has now been completed.  It includes extending pipes from the downspouts to pipes under the lawn in front of 2938 that will go to a collector pipe running under the sidewalk. The collector pipe will channel water under the driveway to the main sewer. These changes are designed to eliminate most surface drainage. An added benefit to this design is that water should no longer sheet across the walkway and freeze into ice.

What is the expected date for completion?

A request for proposals has been sent to five contractors, with the aim to approve a contract and complete the project by the end of October, weather permitting.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we resolve this important issue.


Kalmia Court Board of Directors

Into the home stretch

August 2, 2012

While things remain fast and furious, we are heading into the home stretch and  I thought another progress report was about due.

I reported on most of these items at the Board Meeting last Thursday night but for those who could not be there you will likely get many of your questions answered by reading on.  If you were there, read on anyway as there are several updates on progress since Thursday.

I met with Martin/Martin Engineers and AGS Construction early last week to discuss the few warranty items still  left on their punch list.  Of the more than 100 leaks we had in our structures before construction there are about 5 or 6 that remain.  Most of those are relatively simple to correct but a couple of them are being quite stubborn.  That  said, they will be whipped!  Both the engineer and contractor will be back on site in  the near future to resolve ALL of the leaks.

The contractor is swamped with his current new jobs but that does not mean our job is not important or that it won’t get done.  It only means that they have to fit it into their schedule and that takes time.

While they are here there are other items that they will address including the stucco which has a few more repairs both to the original work as well as to the work already completed that has since been damaged.  They will also repair/re-paint  the top caps on 2946 which have shrunk since installation causing them to have gaps at the miter cuts and peeling paint in those same locations.  In addition, they have a few paint touch-ups to address and a few places where the concrete deck coating has delaminated and will need repair.   The 3X12 plank decking installed on 2946 elevated decks has dried and shrunk during this hot and dry summer.  This has caused some of the screws to pop.  They will re-drill and place new screws, replace some planks that are too bad to repair and belt sand other planks to eliminate trip and fall hazards.  All of these items are small jobs but added together will mean enough work to have them out for a few days to complete it all at once.  I’ll keep you posted on scheduling but expect it to be soon.


All gutters have now been cleaned, adjusted and tested. I have investigated what it would cost to have electrical snow melt coils installed in the gutters on the front of 2938 and 2946 to prevent ice buildup. 2946 has the necessary wiring, 2938 does not. I am still waiting for a final estimate from the electrician for this project before making recommendations.  One other point, we are still  finding a few minor places where the gutters have negative slope and do not drain properly.  If we ever get any appreciable rain again and you notice such a point, please let me know so I can have them back out to fix it.

The screens doors coming down and going into storage is the only expense left in the category of bird mitigation.   I am guardedly optimistic that we have solved the issue for this year and can discuss next year whether we want to take our chances and leave them down.  I’ve only found 2 swallows that have built partial nests  this year and was able to destroy both before they had time to lay eggs.  I have also scared a few birds out of the south tower to 2938 and a couple of townhome garages.  There is money left in the budget  to remove and store the screens again this year.  We’ll deal with next year when it comes.  One more point, a couple of the screens under the decks at 2946 have blown down and like so many small tasks is taking a few days to get the contractor out to put them back in place.  Soon though, I  promise!

Let’s talk about Landscaping.  We will not have the money to complete extensive landscaping.  My goal is to achieve a remake of our entry including a new or renovated sign, a clean-up and freshen up of most common areas, a re-do of the island at the south of 2962 and north-west corner of 2954, a completely renovated irrigation system, strategically placed rock around the buildings and the  fencing to protect  them  from irrigation stains/damage, and walk paths of gravel in strategic areas necessary for safe passage including the rear of 2938 and to the east of 2946 leading to the new gate. Also left from the original landscape job which was part of the construction at 2946,  a dozen or so plants are to be planted.  Keep in mind when you look at the images of the entry and in  the front of 2946 that they are ideas only and that they are when the plants are more mature as they will be in maybe 3-5  years  or so.

The most significant project will be the grading/drainage issues at the rear of 2962 and the north side of the tennis court and pool house.  This project requires the services of a civil engineer.   The Board voted at the meeting to retain the services of JVA Engineering over Martin-Martin as they are a local firm and gave us a much better quote to do the work.  They will start their work with a survey of the areas in question.  That survey will take place this Friday.  Once they have the survey complete, they will draw plans for proper grading and drainage and it will then be ready for bid.  Once the contractor has been hired and the work begins, JVA will regularly inspect the work to  assure accurate and effective end results.  I still remain optimistic that we can complete this work before the snow flies.

Also significant is the need for a major prune to our trees.  It has been years and we are past due.  I’ve got two quotes in hand and expect three more by the end of the week.   I am only specifying for removal of  trees that absolutely have to come out.  I’m working from the tree study that we had done previously and it has proved invaluable for this job.

All of the landscaping is going to be expensive and the  Board will  have to discuss the overall strategy going forward.  This has been a far more complex process than I had anticipated but I still feel good about the schedule and also think that we can determine how to achieve maximum results and still live within the budget.  The reserve study also has allocated $ in each of the next several years for items that we may have to defer.

As you know we have a lot of concrete work to do.  We had a number of comprehensive quotes before the project began last summer.   The strategy here will be to take all the quotes we got last

year and to update them and then to prioritize the work until we run up against a budget wall.  We can then decide if any contingency $ should be spent on concrete.


In addition to an overall clean up of the common areas once all construction is complete we will power wash and re-stripe parking spaces in garages at 2938 and 2946,  guest parking spaces on the island and miscellaneous curbs (e.g., fire lanes in front of 2938).  This work should be completed under budget and really freshen all of those areas.

The fence work is complete except for steel frames that are to be installed all the way around the two gates.  Those 6X6 posts on each side of the gates have shrunk, expanded, shrunk again and in one instance split down the middle from  top to bottom.  What this has done is to make the openings too wide at times and too narrow at other times meaning that the gates either will not close or will not open.   These steel frames will eliminate the expansion/contraction from infringing on the gates and should make them  open and close correctly all of the time.  The steel frames are constructed and are at the powder coater as we speak.  They will likely be installed by no later than the end of next week and hopefully sooner!

All of the plumbing backflows have just recently undergone their annual inspection.  All passed and were certified for another year with the City and State.

All plumbing work has been completed now except for the drains in the garage that need to be run under the concrete – I believe there are  3 of  them and hose bibs will be installed to the rear of 2938 and 2946 where we have always needed them and never had them.

A short punch list remains for the electrician and other than that the only major items for him will be the gutter coils electrical mentioned earlier if we move ahead with that and the installation of more outdoor lawn lights at the entry , center island and trash corrals.  That work will be coordinated with landscape and concrete work.

The interior ceilings and wood walls and doors in the garages at 2938 and 2946 will be painted.  This will be coordinated with the power wash and striping to be done in those garages so as to inconvenience those residents as few times as possible to accomplish the entire job.   We may also be painting  the top cap rails on 2938, a decision the Board will likely make at next month’s Board meeting.

The work  is slated  to convert the door closer spring motion sensors to digital light emitting sensors in the elevators.  No more closing doors on your grocery cart and on your own self for that matter.    This is part of our reserve study work for this year and the Board authorized the contract at last Thursday’s meeting.  It should be complete by the end of the month.

Has anyone noticed the new ironwork at the pool house on the windows at the north side.  It looks good and will serve to deter intruders all at the same time!

Also in the category of “have you noticed” are the new garage signs.  The entrance, exit and slow speed signs were just installed.  They look good and should be effective in keeping people from going the wrong way, from speeding and from parking in unauthorized parking spots in the garage.  Let’s hope so!


Final recommendations on locksmith work including new locks and re-keying will be forthcoming.  It will be about the last thing we do on the project as it almost always is with any construction project.

The steps to the mailboxes are being fabricated as we speak.  Once they are finished they go to the powder coater to be coated to exactly match the mailboxes. They should be installed within the next two weeks.  They should satisfy all  concerned including our residents, the City of Boulder and the USPS.  Pictured here is Jesus Ramos and his wife on one of the new steps in progress.   They are the steel fabricators who fabricated the rails at the south end of the pool and the new iron work on the pool house windows.  They do excellent work at reasonable prices.  I’d recommend them to anyone!

The bike racks are ordered and  are expected to arrive about August 18.  We’ll have them installed soon thereafter.  The Board decided  on two racks for 4 bikes at the space in the 2938 garage leading to the elevator and 4 racks for 8 bikes at the north end of the garage in the extra space there.  The Board also decided on the inverted U designed racks that are thought by most bike aficionados to be the best choice.


Wrapping up, look for the new step stool at the trash area.  The lids to the bins are high and heavy and sometimes a little step will really help.  Please use it carefully and always put it back in place when you’re done. 

One quick additional note, the new house numbers should arrive any day and we can get them installed as soon as they do.  These are the numbers that the Board selected after reviewing a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes at several meetings.  I hope everyone likes them.   I’m sure most of you will!

That about covers it for one more time.  As always, thanks for reading and I continue to appreciate your cooperation, your support and your patience.  We’re almost done, stay optimistic, I am!


Project Update

July 17, 2012

As the summer moves along so does the project.  I’ve had a number of questions lately so it seemed about time for a new project update.

Some have wondered why this all takes so long?  It’s a good question.  Last year at this time we saw countless workers here all day long day after day, week after week.  Comparatively,  it seems like things are going in fits and starts this summer.  Last year we had huge contracts to be performed by a few contractors.  They were long-term projects with start dates, target finish dates and specific contracts and budgets.

That remains the case with pending projects like the landscaping and concrete work to be completed later this summer.  But with many of the smaller  punch list oriented jobs, each individual item has to wait until enough work has accumulated to justify getting that particular trade on site.  If we call them out for every single job, we get charged a trip charge for every single job as well as the time it takes for them to gather materials, etc.  All of that time means money.  We can, have and continue to save a considerable amount of money by carefully planning and accumulating full days of work for the individual trades.

Some examples of this waiting include projects like the single piece of siding on the back of the pool  house that has been missing since we removed the old fence.  No  one was more ready than I was to get that replaced, but, it had to wait until there was enough work for a finish carpenter to come out and make a day of it.  That day has finally come. The repair to the siding,  the finish of the entry area to 2938 and a couple of other misc. carpenter tasks were completed yesterday.  We’ll prime today and hopefully paint by the end of the week. 

By the way, someone asked why we removed the fence in the back of the pool house anyway.  It saved us about $3,000 on fencing and helped with drainage issues behind the pool house.  Once we get the siding repair painted and the windows covered, it will look very nice and we’ll have saved around $1800 to $2000 net.  Again, it’s all about getting the highest quality job for the money spent!

Speaking of the painter, some have asked when we will stain the fence.  We have to move the irrigation that is next to the fence that is spraying the fence. That has to be remedied before we stain the fence.  But, prior to having  the irrigation moved, we need to complete the landscape plan.   Much of that design work is complete, however, due to drainage and grading issues at the front of the property, a civil engineer has to do a survey and complete engineering designs and drawings.  A civil engineering firm has been out and recently presented their proposal.  Once everything is in motion, you’ll start to visibly see what has been going on for a while now.  Without proper planning no project ever goes well.  Once the plan is in place and the work begins, it will go amazingly smooth and fast.

There are a number of other misc. painting sites all around and they will be forthcoming soon too.  That may include the top caps on 2938.  The Board will have to decide on those at their next meeting which is next Thursday night, July 26.

The really good news is that we are still on schedule for a fall completion of the project and we are still under budget, project to date.  I realize it is hard to remain patient this close to the end. It always is. Hang in there!  It will pay off in the  long run.  We are almost there.

Several points worth mentioning…The lawns are coming back after the severe stress of that outrageous heat wave and the irrigation malfunctions.  The grass in front of 2946 experienced a draught related fungus. With the easing of  the temperatures, rain and lots of irrigation, they are almost back to full health.  A further note on the irrigation,  our new controllers are installed and almost fully operational.  They are computer controlled so that they can be set and adjusted fully remote as conditions dictate.  They also have electronic connections to rain gauges on the property and automatically adjust themselves when there is rainfall in amounts sufficient to support the lawns.

Another question asked has been when to expect the signs to the garage entry and exit at 2938 to be re-installed.  The no parking signs are on order and the entry/exit signs from before the project will go up  as soon as the new signs are in.  I should be notified of the expected delivery date of those signs today.  Those are just a few of the several signs that will be made and installed in various areas of the property over the next couple of months. If you know of the need for a sign, let me know.

One place you may have seen progress is with the new handrails on the stairs at the west end gate to the pool/tennis court.  I  think they look very sharp.  It took forever to find a craftsman who could and would do the job at an acceptable price.  Now that that contractor has been found and has done such good work, I’m working with him on solutions for the steps at the mailboxes and coverings on the windows at the pool house. When you can’t see the progress being made behind the scenes it makes it difficult to feel that things are getting done.  I understand that.  Please realize that the nature of the work this summer  is that it seems like you go forever with nothing getting done and then one day all of a sudden, results!

Someone recently asked if we were still going to have lights at the trash corral and the answer is yes.  They will be some of the last items installed.

Completion of the punch list continues.  Although items are continually added,  net-net, the list is getting shorter.  If you have seen something new that you’ve never mentioned before you can email me and I’ll take a look at it.  If I don’t get back to you, it does not mean I’m ignoring you, it probably just means that the item you mentioned is underway and will be completed on schedule.

One item on that punch list that has recently received a lot of attention is the gutters.  Since the heavy rains a couple of weeks ago the repairs noted in areas that were deficient have been repaired.  The next rain, it looks like it could be any time, please continue to look at the gutters and report any additional or new problems.  As for now, all areas that have been reported have been repaired.

Oh yeah, the last blog stated that the combination on all of the gates would soon be changed.  However, due to several circumstances that have been beyond anyone’s control  there will be a delay in that change.  There is still some final adjusting to do on one of the gates.  One of the 6×6 posts split half way down the middle and was replaced yesterday, several  of the 6×6 posts are shrinking and swelling which makes them intermittently too wide or too narrow.  A steel frame is being built and installed to solve that issue. All those repairs,  coupled with the fact that we have a few units on the market right now and realtors want access to those gates makes me reluctant to change the codes just yet.  It does cost money to change the codes and doing it only once is preferable.  So for now, they stay the same.  You’ll be given plenty of notice before they do change. 

A couple of additional important notes, first, please use the compost bin in the trash area.  That is especially true for you who live in the condo buildings.  As you know, especially in 2938, we have long-standing issues with the drains from the kitchens clogging and flooding the units below.  We are going  to undertake a regular schedule for cleaning those drains, however, if everyone would compost most of the materials that they have customarily put down their disposal it would be a very GREEN solution. It  would save the “green” it costs to clean the drains as well as be “green” for  the environment by eliminating most of that waste that goes down the drain.  I have information on under-sink compost bins and compostable bags.  For information email me.

One final note, at the Board meeting on June 21, the Board adopted a no smoking policy at Kalmia Court Condominiums.    Smoking is now strictly prohibited on all General Common Elements and Limited Common Elements as well as all Restricted Common Elements within  the Project, including all walkways, drives, streets, parking spaces,  balconies, decks and patios.  Smoking is allowed within the Units as long as the smoke remains contained within the Unit and is not detectable by smell or otherwise inside other units or on any of the Common Elements including balconies, patios, and decks.

That’s it for this time.  Thanks for reading and I’ll be back to you once there is more to report.


Its Hot!!!

June 23, 2012

I only thought it felt like summer in the last post!  WOW…today it is expected to hit 100+.  Welcome to the real summer folks!

This time last year we were hoping for a few dry days in a row  to  help speed along the project.  Now we are begging for  rain and our grounds are feeling the  pain.

At least we can be thankful that we do  not have the fires that they have up north.  Today is  an especially bad smoke day.  Best to probably keep the a/c on and the doors and windows  closed.

Speaking of fire, it is a good time  to  remind  those  of us in the Kalmia Court that we are  a prime  fire target.  All wood siding and lots of lush foliage make  us very vulnerable.  I’m attaching a news article from October of  2010 about BBQ restrictions on our decks which are in  force by the City of Boulder. BBQ Article Oct 2010

In addition to those  restrictions, we were  recently reminded during a fire safety inspection that there are absolutely no outdoor electric  cord lights  allowed on our buildings.   The primary issue is that any outdoor plug must be GFI protected.  Even if we had those, which we do not, the plugs and cords attached to them must be outdoor rated.  We are not able to comply with these requirements for outdoor lighting at the Kalmia  Court so all of it is  absolutely banned.  All  of our owners will be getting emails and/or letters any day which  at  the direction of the Board remind them  of these restrictions and  ask for their immediate voluntary compliance.  We do have several infractions and hope you’ll understand that it is just the safe thing to do.  We have  a beautiful complex now and no one wants to risk a fire now or at anytime.

Of course, along with the prohibition on outdoor electric  lights, there  are absolutely no open flames except in approved bbq grills on any of our decks.  That means no torches, candles, or any other open flame.  Please be thoughtful  and careful and never place our homes at risk!

Moving on… the Board met last night in a marathon session.  I hope everyone appreciates the work  they do!  One of the first orders of business was to elect a replacement Board member for the spot left open by the resignation of Terry Reilly.  Ellen Wagner, owner unit # 25, was unanimously elected to the spot by the Board.   Ellen has lived at the Kalmia Court for several  years and as she says she  plans to be taken out of here in a box.  She is a retired professor of Philosophy and has loads of experience with boards in the academic world and brings a wealth of analytical and writing skills right when we need them  most.  Please join me and the Board in welcoming Ellen.

Before the meeting’s start at 5:30 pm,  the Board met with managers from JSN property management to talk about transition plans once I am finished with the project and our need for  a full-scale property manager at that time.

The regular meeting started with the normal formalities of call to order, review and accept the minutes of the  last meeting, acceptance of the financial reports, review of the maintenance report and other updates about the property management.  With that all out-of-the-way the Board got down to serious business.

After interviewing 6 firms, the Board made a decision to retain the services of  Business Management  Law Group  as new counsel to the Association.  This will save us considerable cost while we undergo a thorough review of the Governing Documents and all of our rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Next the Board was briefed on the rental restriction ban currently in place.  The ban was extended for another 90 days to October 4, 2012.  During this time,  the ban will be reviewed by the Association’s new counsel and a more formal and comprehensive policy will be permanently adopted.  As a reminder, the Board is considering this issue to assure that we will be in compliance with current lender standards for percentage of rentals in condominium complexes.  There are recent updates and legislation that have been adopted that have been in response  to the mortgage crisis we have all experienced over the past several years.

The current rules and regulations at the Kalmia Court are incomplete and somewhat out of date.  The Board is undertaking a complete revision of them at this time. By the fall the plan is to have a handbook that will be provided to all owners and tenants which will give them the most up to date information on the policies, procedures, rules, regulations,  contacts, and other important information about living at the Kalmia Court.

The Board also briefly reviewed the maintenance plan which is a work in progress.  The first draft is complete and I am working with the engineers to make it a fully functioning document for the Kalmia Court.  Along with the review of the plan, I presented a comprehensive list of over 70 contacts ranging from bankers to plumbers who provide services to the Association.  While the list is dynamic, it is comprehensive and is available to the Board and the Association’s managers to make certain that access is always assured to the right vendor  for  the job when service  is needed.

The Board received updated financials and a status report on the state of the construction project.  A spreadsheet “punch list” was presented to the Board outlining most if not all  of the tasks remaining before the project is complete.  While the list is long, I reported to  the Board that I am optimistic that it is achievable by the fall which has been our target date all along.

AGS construction has been on site lately repairing the stucco work.  They are not quite complete due in part to some damage that has occurred since they were here.  They will be back to finish that work.  They also have some warranty work to do on the concrete deck coverings, a very few small stubborn leaks in the garages, the newly installed top caps on 2946 and some misc. paint touch-ups and windows to pop open.


The gutters on the front of 2938 and 2946 remain a problem.  I have quotes  in  hand to install heat coils in the upper gutters on  both buildings.  It is relatively easy in 2946 as there is house power provided at the eve of each unit’s roof.  The task is fairly simple to install the heat coils and plug them in.  On the other hand, 2938, which has some heat coils installed now, has no house power to any of the gutters or units affected.  Those units that do have heat coils now are using their own power to heat them.  I have an electrician and an electrical engineer working on the issue but it is not easy or inexpensive to solve.  The issue continues and a resolution should be proposed to  the Board by their next meeting in July.                   

Just about the time I  think the bird problem is solved  for good, they re-appear.  I shewed two out of the second floor of the tower at 2938 yesterday and another two out of the garage a few minutes later.  Old habits die hard and they have been  coming here  in droves for years.  We’ve just about whipped the problem but we must remain diligent.  I am hopeful that we can live without the screens next year but am alarmed at any thoughts of removing them before the end of this season.  They have  not even started their second nesting yet and bird authorities tell  me that some of them may not have even had their first this year due to the heat and dry weather.  Please keep the screens closed and maybe this will be the last season that we have to deal with those little pests! 

You’ll know the project is just about over when you see a slew of concrete trucks leaving  the complex exit.  One of the last things we’ll do  to complete this job  is to replace quite a few sections of the concrete drives.  We won’t replace it all  but enough to get rid of the major problem cracking areas.  Most if not all of the concrete in  the entry and exit will be replaced.  The areas to  the north and east of the trash area and other misc. bad spots in the drives and parking will be replaced. 

The landscape architect has the plot map in her hands and is outlining specifications as we speak.  There is a lot of work that has to be  done to complete the project.  Not  much of it is design work as much as renovation and repair.  There  still needs to be some grass removed and irrigation moved to prevent water against the buildings and the fence.  That irrigation also has to be moved away from the fence so that it won’t spray it.  All along the fence line there will be about a foot of rock and the sprinklers and grass will be offset by that rock to prevent overspray.  Once that is complete the fence will be stained and should not experience the unsightly water streaking that you so often see on fences.  The landscape plan also includes a significant tree pruning as recommended by the tree plan that we had completed in the spring.  Finally, the entrance will get a re-work and the plan is for a new sign.  As soon as we have the plans from the landscape architect and get the bids back for  the work, the Board will review them and determine what we have the money to complete and prioritize the projects and make final decisions. 




There will be rails on the stairs at the pool.  The fence builder is building them and delays with the fence have delayed him on the rails.  I hope to see them this next  week. 





The drywall in the mechanical rooms is almost complete.  The plumber only has the drains in  2938 and a couple of hose bibs to be done.  The electrician only has a few small bits to complete plus the rest of the  outdoor lighting to install.  We’ll soon be done with those three trades. 


The tennis court builder had told us that we would likely keep the pool clean  enough by just letting the rain do our work for us.  The only problem is  that there has been no rain.  I am looking into getting the court appropriately washed with a water broom as soon as possible.

We’ll also be changing the locks on the pool/tennis court area as well as the gates in the next few days.  We’ve had some unauthorized use by people from outside the complex who apparently have the code.  We will likely change them every year when the pool opens from  now on.  Keep an eye out in your email in the next few days for the new code.  The Board has also opted to start the pool security service up again this summer.  They lock the pool at closing time – 11:00 pm and open it back up the next morning in time for early swimmers.

Also at the pool, the Board rejected the idea of windows and have opted instead for  bars that will resemble the pool fence.  I’ll be in touch with the fence company this  week to get some  design ideas and prices.  I’m more than ready to get rid  of that  construction fencing!

Once we are complete with all  construction,  there will be a final clean and then we are done!

Moving on, the bank loan was refinanced earlier this month and the rate was lowered to a floor of 4.75% from 5.51%.  The reduction in  the payments will cover the fees for the refinance and we’ll see an overall reduction in the payments by around the start of next fiscal year in March 2013.  For those with their portion of  the loan  still outstanding it won’t  necessarily mean a reduction in their monthly dues, but, it may mean that they will not see an overall increase in dues this next year.  I am reasonably optimistic but can not be certain.  Of course, for those who have pre-paid their portion, there will be no effect.

The Board has made the decision to put a bike rack next to the elevator area in the garage at 2938.  It will relieve the congestion at the rack in the garage at 2946 where several bike owners from 2938 are presently parking their bikes. 

Thanks to the creativity of some unknown residents, the height of the mailboxes has been  temporarily partially resolved.  Liability and other issues with the USPS and Boulder Building Department don’t allow these to be permanent solutions however.  I am investigating and trying to design a step that can be permanently installed which will solve the height issue and meet USPS and local building codes.  The boxes can not be lowered per USPS code so a step is the  only possible solution.  The doors also cannot be re-ordered and that would only be a temporary solution anyway that would quite possibly cause others problems in the mean time.  It  won’t be solved overnight but it is in  the works.

We’ve recently had an  issue with someone from  outside the complex parking in a reserved space in  the garage.  The Board decided to place the signs back up and to institute a towing policy for  cars illegally parked in reserved spaces and for booting cars illegally parked in guest parking.  The guest parking policy will be inforced and notice will be given to all  residents before that begins. The entrance and  exit signs to the garage will be re-installed soon.  Please always remember that it is a one way garage with the north end being the entrance and the  south the exit!


The Board had a  long discussion about outdoor decorations on the front areas and back decks of condominium owners.  We have gotten lax and a bit out of control in several instances in enforcing current declarations and rules on  the  matter.  The Board heard several complaints and acted to notify those offending residents that they will have to remove some items.  All residents will be notified in  the next few days of what needs to be attended to and a more precise and concise policy will be developed and enforced for the long-term.  We do have residents with very attractive outdoor decorations and our ultimate goal is to achieve some cohesion and continuity of all residences. 

Finally, the Board re-affirmed its policy about limited access to the roofs of our buildings.  There are limitless reasons that this has to be accomplished.  Among them is insurance, liability, gutter damage, roof damage, and basic safety.  It does not forbid access to the roof but  only defines the circumstances and procedures for that access. 



That about wraps it up for  this time.  Stay out of  the heat.  Go to the pool but don’t forget  the sunscreen!  And by the way,  it is really appreciated when you put the furniture back where it belongs once you are finished with it. 

Thanks for  reading.


It feels like summer…

June 6, 2012

These high 80 and low 90 days make it feel like summer although it won’t be for another couple of weeks.

Progress continues, The trash area is nearly complete.  It will be so much easier to use and everyone agrees that it is much more attractive!  Some have asked about shorter dumpsters and that is not possible, however, we will  acquire a step stool and place it in the bin area for those who are challenged by the height of the existing bins.

Speaking of height, virtually everyone loves the new mailboxes but as fate would have it,  some of the top boxes belong to shorter residents.  The boxes are precisely to USPS code and can not be modified.  I’m researching available solutions, step stool, permanent step, ?…Not sure yet but there must be some solution.

Last post I mentioned some irrigation  leaks and line breaks.  They seem to  keep on  coming.  There are a few brown spots  in the grass that are a result of those breaks.  Valley Crest was out today and we went through the entire system.  Adjustments will be made in  the  next few days and hopefully the brown will go away soon after.

The fence work is nearly done.  The gates were hung yesterday and final adjustments to the locks will be made in the next few days.  the combinations on those new locks are the same as those at the pool.  If you need  to know those numbers, please email

We now have a cleaning service that cleans the pool area weekly on  Mondays.  They will wipe down the  tables, sweep/blow the deck area, clean  the bbq and baths,  etc.  They will place  the furniture back in its proper place but it really helps when each of you places any furniture you move  back  in  place before you leave the pool area.  Enjoy the umbrellas but please be sure to put them down  and  tie them in  place  after you finish with using them.


I’ve also got a quote on window enclosures for the  breeze-way areas on the patio area at the pool.   The Board will soon decide on the best way to enclose those open areas for both air circulation and security.

The signs into the 2938/2946 garage for entry/exit/one way will be back in place one day soon.  They have  waited to replace for the stucco work to be complete.  Please always observe the one way direction of our parking lot/drives and garage.  It is very dangerous when people go  the wrong way even if it is just for very short distances.

Speaking of the stucco work, everyone loves the new caps and yes,  the scuffs to the rest of the stucco will be repaired.

The swallows are back in town.  I’ve scared them  out of the 2938 garage and the south tower in  the 2938 building on  a couple of occasions this week.  Please  keep the screens closed at all  times.  We’ve just about whipped this problem but we can’t give up now!  Maybe one day they won’t come back at all.  We can hope!

The new porch at the center/elevator entry to 2938 is nearing completion.   It will be a gross improvement over the old one that was falling off the building.  The steps leading to  the south entrance/tower to 2938 is slated for replacement this summer as well.

Some of you may have  seen or heard the fire truck/ambulance on the grounds on Monday afternoon.  We had a guest of one of  our residents that went for  a walk in the extreme heat and became overheated and fainted and fell.  She is recovering but it was a close call.  Be really careful in this heat.  Drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen and take your walks in the early morning or late afternoon/evening.

The new house numbers will be ordered any day and the landscaping plans are in  the works.  Plans for the remaining concrete work are being  made.  Everything is coming together and we are on schedule for an end of summer completion.  Once we’re done,  we’ll have a giant open house to show the real estate community and  hopefully the local press everything we’ve accomplished.  It should be a boost to values, especially for anyone who is planning to sell anytime  soon.

Stay cool!


Memorial Day Update

May 25, 2012

This week leading into the holiday weekend has been a busy and productive one.

The pool has been readied for opening and will be open later today as planned.  We have had the new plaster surface re-acid washed and the finish is a near perfect diamond blue now.  One more wash at the end of  the season  and it will be absolutely perfect and  it looks beautiful!  Now if the sun will only shine we’ll have a lovely memorial day and start to the summer season.

Another quick note about the pool,  when we started the pump/filter up this  season, a leak  was  discovered in the sand  filter for the pool.  It was a 1/2 day repair and was handled  quickly, efficiently and cost effectively by our excellent pool  care company,  Advanced  Pool  Care.  They removed  the sand, fixed  the leak and  replaced the sand  with new sand.  That is something  that has to be done about  every five years anyway and it was about due.

The new mailbox installation is complete.  The next step is for  the Post Office to come out  and to install their master lock  and transfer the mail from the old boxes into the new ones.  They then approve the distribution of the owner’s keys.  I’m still  working on  a distribution system and have some  ideas but pay attention to your email this next  week as I will send you an email blast to let you know how you will receive your new keys.  Until that notification, (which I hope will be by the end of  next  week), continue to use the old  mailboxes.  I absolutely can not believe the huge improvement to the look of the entire complex  those new mailboxes have made.  I’ve had rave reviews and as one  resident said it best, “they are so  handsome!”  A big improvement on the old wouldn’t you say?



They have made such a huge impact that the Board has authorized going forward with the  new house  numbers for all units and buildings.  The numbers were approved months ago but a few concerns and glitches delayed them.  I am  optimistic that we can  have them on  site and  installed  by the end of June.

A quick reminder too,  please be careful  when using the new center exit/stairs at 2938.  The new handrails/half walls will go up next week but until then use caution in that area.

You’ve also likely seen the AGS trucks and crews back on site this week.  The first of  the week they were  doing the warranty work on the stucco and are now capping the parapet walls to the entry and exit of the garage with metal flashing.  This is being done  to protect the top surface of the stucco.  It was an idea on the part of  the contractor  and  is being done  at their expense.  This is a generous gesture on  their part  as this treatment is expensive  and  time-consuming.

You may have been concerned about the installation of  the flashing if you have looked at  it up close.  I certainly was when I  first saw it.  It appears to be scratched.  This is a perfect example of what I always say, never look at a job in progress and worry about the flaws.  Wait until you are presented with the finished  product and then if there are concerns point them out then.  The flashing has  a plastic cover adhered to  it and that is what appears scratched.  There is colored caulk and paint to match the metal to be applied once  the installation job  is complete.  Finally, the plastic will be pulled  and we’ll have attractive and durable  new top caps.  I can’t wait!

A few landscape notes.  Thanks for the many nice  emails, calls and messages about how nice  the  lawn  looks.  It will only get better from here.  Also, several  have  asked about tree trimming.  The landscape service trims branches  up to 12 feet  high when they are here on  their weekly visit.   Anything  over  12 feet  requires a professional tree company with the proper equipment and insurance.  We’ll  have  a major prune this summer.  So please point out trimming near  your unit for  the lower branches and be as patient as possible  for  the major trim which is coming  soon!

I would say that we have conquered about 95% of the leaks  that we had in the garages at 2938/2946.  We do  still have 3 stubborn leaks that we have found.  The engineer and contractor are creating  a strategy to finally conquer these leaks. Not bad considering that  we had around 100 or so leaks  before we  did the major work last  summer.  It will be repaired  and most if  not all will  be warranty work  from last year.  Again, patience  is appreciated.

There  is also  a pretty good size  leak in  an irrigation line in front of 2946.  We  are trying to detect its location  without having to dig up the entire  front  lawn.  It is a tedious task but one that we hope will be successful with  as little intrusion  as possible.

Thanks for your kind words, consideration, cooperation and  assistance.  It  won’t be near the summer we had last year and once we are  done it will be beautiful and we can return to peaceful summers that we have come  to love at the Kalmia  Court.

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!  I may see you at the pool.


Spring has sprung and the project is back into action!

May 15, 2012

Welcome back to the Kalmia Court blog.  Spring has finally sprung and we are back into action with the final stages of the project in full force.  There have been lots of questions over the past couple of weeks so I thought the best and fastest way to answer most of them is with the blog.  Here goes…

The major projects that will be completed this summer are the fence, the landscaping and the concrete work.

The fence construction is 90% complete with the balance to  be done this week.  Just as the fence construction was winding down a couple of weeks ago, I had a barrage of calls from a number of  residents each asking about the finish stain color.  Everyone seemed to  agree that the new fence was beautiful but none seemed to agree at all about the new color except that it should not be the  old  dark  wood color stain from  the past.  Since we still have almost half of the old fence that was stained the dark color, I had my work cut out for me to please as many as possible.

Some  wanted no stain at all which was not an  option as we already have the old half with the dark stain and no way to get it off.  I had first been told that  we could not stain over the dark stain  with a lighter color stain.  That  proved  to be partially true except that by digging much deeper,  I was able  to find that  there is an oil  based STAIN that can be tinted colors and once applied it looks like paint.   While it looks  like paint, it is actually stain so it preserves and protects the new cedar from damage that paint and the elements can cause.  Voila, a new idea was born.   The Board reconvened and  decided that the fence will all be stained (old and new) with this new paint color tinted STAIN.  The body of  the fence will be the same color as the body of our buildings with the top caps and trim being the same color  as the trim  on our buildings.  It should look great.

The fence should be done as I said in the  next week.  I had the contractor who  will apply the stain out today and they can likely do  the stain in the next 3 weeks or so.  It won’t take long and will look great and cohesive.  Glad for the objections as this is a better option!  Another note about the fence, there will be a gate on the south-east corner of the property that goes onto the cemetery property for a short distance and out to the diagonal almost right at the bus stop.  It will have a combination lock with the same combination as the pool area.  Very convenient!

The landscaping work is lagging a little behind.  Valley Crest landscaping has completed the landscape work that was  required for the structural repairs completed last summer.  The only thing that is left with their work is some plants installed and some final irrigation work.  They still have to find and repair an irrigation issue that is still allowing water into the foundation area of an old leak in 2946.  It is not one of the leaks that  was causing structural damage but more of an annoyance.  It will be found and fixed.

There are a number of other areas that require attention and some areas that will be improved this  summer.  The plans are being made for that work as we speak and include attention to  the rear of  the pool house and to the south of  Kalmia  Ave, work to the rear of 2962 with regrading and some new hard surface features, work to the rear of 2954 where some trees are dead and have to be removed and some work  done to freshen the rock  and make the walking safer back there.


The east end of 2946 needs some care as does the south end of 2954.  The rear of 2938 will have the grass removed about 6 feet against the building and a rock walk installed there.  That will eliminate the irrigation against the building.  Many of the beds throughout the property need to be repaired, refreshed and cleaned up.  There will be some attention paid to the center  island  of the property and we hope  to give the entrance a face  lift with a new sign and bright warm welcome to our newly renovated property.


The tree study conducted last summer will be very helpful in planning for a good tree prune later in the summer.  A few trees likely have to come out and hopefully a few new ones will go in.  We still have some damaged trees from  this  winter’s heavy snows and strong winds.  All tree work can and should be finished by the end of the summer.

The concrete work includes several areas of the  drives, sidewalks and curbs.  Also included in this early  concrete stage is the replacement of the steps/entries to the three stairwells  in front of 2938.  Two  include new steps, one new walks and one new rails.  Included in this stage is the installation of the mailboxes.  (Check out the photoshop image that Nancy produced.  These mailboxes promise to look sharp!)  That all starts later  this  week and I hope to have the new mailboxes ready to receive mail by the end of next week and most definitely by the end of the month.


This stage will also finish the garbage corral.  So  with any luck and diligence on  the part  of the fence company, the concrete company and the stain  company, we should be finished with the fence, mailboxes  and stain by the end of May.

The pool deck is getting some repairs to cracks and a fresh coat of sealer as we speak.  That is the advantage of the overlay decking material that we chose last year. It can be repaired and  will look as good as new.  The plaster did  not completely properly cure last year so the pool is being drained and the plaster acid washed and prepped so that it will cure to the rich blue color that it is meant to be.  That work is ongoing now.  The pool  and spa will remained closed until opening day which is May 25, Memorial Day Weekend.  By the way, the locks on  the gates will be fully operational by then too!

Several other questions have arisen  and  I’ll try to  answer most  of them here briefly now…

Why do  the front decks on 2938 and 2946 look so dirty and what are we going to do about them and  when? – The decks on 2938 and 2946 had the protective water tight coating placed on them as part of  the construction project last summer.  It really worked but since the water could  no longer go into the garage below, much of it stayed on  the surface and froze.  That required the use of lots of ice melt.  The product we used has a residual effect but it does leave residue.  The good news is that with a good  power wash, they can be thoroughly cleaned.  That power wash takes place tomorrow.  It should look as good as new by tomorrow night.

When will the orange security fence protection  that is in  the window area of the pool house that faces the street be replaced with some other more permanent and attractive protective barrier? –  When the decision to  remove the old and ugly fence was made, it was obvious that those windows would  need protection.  It has  not yet been decided for sure what will go there but please  rest assured that it will be practical, utilitarian and attractive.  While the orange barrier is  not attractive now, something will be.  Not certain exactly when but sooner rather than later.

Why is there clutter around and when will it be cleaned up?  –  There are still remnants and signs of construction in several places around the property.  I’m aware of them and like you they drive me crazy.  What is really crazy though is to try to get them all  tidy too  soon  as cleaning and organizing too soon just means it has to be done over again and that would mean twice the cost.  If you are like me, it is hard to be patient, but please try and we’ll save some dollars and it will all look great by the end of the summer, I  promise!

What about the screen doors on 2938 and 2946? – Well, knock on wood, they seem to have done an excellent job on  deterring the lovely little darling swallows.  We were able to completely deter  them from our buildings last summer and here we are now 3 weeks past when they arrived last year and so far I’ve not seen a one.  We must remain diligent as they have two nestlings per season  and could fool us and move in  later if they saw an opportunity.  I must say that I am guardedly optimistic though that the summer may come  when we don’t have  to have  the screens.  I know you all  would be sorry to see them go (NOT!), but go they may one day!  In the meantime, please treat them kindly and report any damage so that we can preserve our assets in case we do still need  them in  the future.

A quick run down on a number of other items from the punch list;

Stucco: There has been chronic chipping on the new stucco.  This problem is being repaired by the contractor under warranty as we speak.

Gutters-I have  been exploring how to prevent ice buildup on the gutters on 2938 and 2946. (Townhomes have problems with ice buildup on the backsides of those buildings but the ice does not create problems on walkways as it does on 2938, 2946). One possibility is using heating coils in the gutters. Some owners have heating coils which are effective, but they are expensive to run.  To install heating coils would require would require re-engineering electrical panels and the addition of some breakers. It is not certain yet whether the electrical wiring on these buildings could handle to additional load.  Consequently, after some discussion the Board authorized me to contract with an electrical engineer to assess whether it is feasible to install the coils, with the fee not to exceed $1000.

A few other quick bullet points that will get attention before the end  of the summer:

  • Drywall in mechanical rooms
  • Plumbing work: garage drains, hose bibs
  • Electrical-lighting – outdoor on the entry and center island and the east side of driveway
  • Paint the garages interior ceilings and storage room walls , 2938 & 2946 including storage room doors (exterior walls and doors only)
  • Renewal, replacement, repair and new installation of signage throughout the property
  • Chimneys will be inspected and cleaning recommended sometime before the snow flies next winter

Finally, AGS Construction will be on site several days over the next few weeks for punch list and warranty work including the stucco as already mentioned, the repairs to the top caps newly installed on the decks at 2946, and there is some repair work to be done to a few areas of the concrete deck coatings on 2938 and 2946.  If you have seen anything or have any areas of concern with your units (windows painted shut, etc), please let me know and we will address them.

One final question answered; when is my contract up?   The short answer is when the work is  done but in reality a more precise answer is by the end of the summer/early fall.  We’ve got the construction to finish, the governing documents to re-write and the maintenance, operations, policies and procedures to complete and document.  A lot of work  for the summer but it can and will be done.

One last piece of construction project related news is that the Board is pursuing refinancing the construction loan to a lower interest rate.  It looks promising that that will be accomplished soon.  It won’t lower payments right away but should really help in  the long run.  Stay tuned for more details at a later date.

This post has been longer than I had hoped.  I needed to catch up.  Going forward I’ll try to keep the blog up to date and make more frequent and more brief posts.  It may not be as pretty as last summer but hopefully the information will be just as helpful.  In the meantime, if you have maintenance issues, please report them to JSN Property Management online  where you can enter your own maintenance requests.  In the alternative you may phone JSN client services at 303-482-2213 ext 1.  They are very helpful and it is a much better and more efficient way to stay on top of maintenance issues rather than me or the  Board  trying to keep track of it all.  I’ll still oversee the work for  the time being but they will keep track of it.

If you have other questions please post them as comments on the blog and I’ll try to answer them in a future blog real soon.

Thanks for reading!




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