Winter 2017

December 17, 2017

Greetings Kalmia Court neighbors!

We hope you are all enjoying the pleasures of the holiday season, including the lighted Holiday tree at Kalmia Court.  Many thanks to Kevin and Nancy for their work in decorating the tree.

Looking for New Community Leaders for our HOA

Kalmia Court has benefited from having competent and engaged people on our Board  of Directors and Architectural Control Committee (ACC). At the Annual Meeting January 25th  there will be two board member positions up for election. You are invited to join our lively crew by volunteering to serve on the Board. While it helps to have had experience on an organizational board before, we welcome folks who are interested and willing to learn the challenges and rewards of running our community. If you would like to know more about what is involved, contact Andrea Meier, Board Secretary. cell/text 303-810-9125, email:

Please Check Your Deck

This year the Association had had to address problems of deteriorating  and damaged rubber membranes on a number of decks. When the rubber is in poor condition, water leaks into the unit or garage below.  In some cases, the problem arises from the deterioration of the rubber itself. In others, the rubber was punctured by nails used to install the top decking.  This is a picture of what a screw-damaged membrane can look like.

Help the Association prevent the costly damage caused by leaks. Take time this month to lift up up a few boards on your deck to see if the underside of the deck cover is deteriorating or the rubber membrane is damaged. If you see damage, take a picture of it and report it to the management company.  They will arrange to have a roofing company come to your unit for a full, expert assessment of the membrane.

Traffic Safety

Please remember to obey traffic signs on the property. Often, drivers either do not see–or ignore–the one-way directional signs for the road going around the circle. Traffic flows counterclockwise around the circle.  Never cut around to the townhouses by taking a left after entering the property.

Remember too that the speed limit is only 10 MPH. Fast driving endangers everyone — pedestrians and drivers pulling out of their parking spaces. Be extra cautious when entering and exiting the underground garages and traveling through them where pedestrians may appear suddenly from walkways, stairwells and around cars.

No Short-Term Rentals

We know that AirBnB and VRBO are all the rage, and tempt homeowners and tenants to try to earn extra income from their property.  However, according to Kalmia Court Governing Documents, units may not be used for hotel purposes and no rentals shorter than 12 months are allowed. This includes renting a private room. While it may seem harmless, this prohibited use of units affects all residents. It makes it difficult to know who is residing in our community and adds to the wear and tear on our communal property.

These short-term rental services are actively monitored to see if any of Kalmia Court units or rooms have been offered for rent. In recent months, we have discovered that a number of units have been advertised and rented. In some cases, they have been offered by owners. In others, renters have been doing it without their landlords’ knowledge. When discovered, the management company will notify the owner and require him or her to take down the ad immediately or have their tenants do so. If a unit has reservations, they must be cancelled immediately.  After the initial warning, continued violation of this rule will result in fines to owners.

More Bike Racks

We are delighted that so many cyclists live in Kalmia Court. But we also recognize that the racks in the 2938/2946 garages are overcrowded. As part of Boulder’s PACE energy conservation initiative, we will be able to get up to 4 new bike racks for free which can hold 2 bikes each. They will be installed in 2946 garage.

Snow Removal

It has been a warm, dry fall but we know that snow will be coming –maybe even for Christmas!  Snow removal is one of the Association’s biggest expenses. Each visit by our snow removal company costs $1000 or more, so we want to make cost effective use of those services while ensuring safety.

When it snows, here’s what to expect. Sidewalks and walkways will be cleared after at least 2″ of snow has accumulated and the snow has stopped falling. This means that when we have anything less than 2” of snow, it will most likely be allowed to melt on its own. The parking lot road will be plowed when at least at 4″ have accumulated and the snow has stopped falling.

Two parking spaces at the south end of the island will be reserved for piling the snow until it can be trucked away.  Please leave plenty of room when parking near the piles to give the plows room to work.

When workers are on the property, they will spread ice melt on steps and walkways.  Ice melt buckets and shovels have been placed in all the stairwells.  If you see icy spots, help keep everybody safe by spreading around some ice melt.


As always, we thank you for your cooperation in keeping Kalmia Court a safe and pleasant place to live.

Your Kalmia Court Board of Directors

Nancy Fritch, Kevin Schill, Su-Esta Scott, Joe VanAndel, Andrea Meier


It’s Spring Again!

May 13, 2017

Mother’s Day is also Mother Nature’s Day! Spring is really here! According to tradition, you can now safely put out new plants without fear of freezes or snow.  With the coming of the new season, the Association is also working on plans for beautifying our Kalmia Court property, including a property-wide cleanup. Many of you may be thinking about spring cleaning and updating your units. If so, this month’s blog will give you the information you need to help your projects go smoothly.

New Trees

Kalmia Court’s trees are some of its most attractive features. Over the past few years, it was necessary to remove over 40 trees because of storm damage, death, disease, or risk to structures. Starting this year, we will be initiating a plan for tree replacement to enhance the beauty of the property, provide shade, cooling, noise reduction and improve privacy.

After careful analysis of the property with professional arborists and also utilizing an extensive property tree study commissioned in 2011, a committee of owners and the Board came up with a 3-year plan.  In Year 1, 12 trees will be planted in front and back of 2938, along the fence facing 2946, behind 2954, and along the path at the northwest end of the property.

Following the arborist recommendations, the committee has chosen varieties that are going to do well on our property: Linden, Maple, Crabapple, Catalpa and Austrian pine.

Planting is scheduled to start the week of May 15th, 2017.

Gutter Repair/Replacement

2938 North and South buildings have had recurring problems with their gutters which, despite electric heat tapes, have caused gutter ice dams and ice patches on many decks. The Board has authorized an evaluation of the gutters on these buildings as well as 2946 to guide our decisions about what can be done to fix the problem(s) and estimates of the project’s cost.

What To Do With Oversized Trash. Please Don’t Just Abandon It In the Trash Corral!

Kalmia Court has a contract with Western Disposal Services to remove trash, recycling and organic compost every week. The contract requires that all items must fit in the dumpsters. Owners’ dues pay for these services. Western collects large and unusual items (such as furniture, mattresses or appliances) for an additional charge. If an owner of the oversized trash does not request a special pick up, the fee will be charged to the Association (e.g., all owners), increasing our overall operations costs.To arrange for a large or bulky item to be collected, call WDS at 303-444-2037. Read Western’s FAQs on disposal guidelines, information pickup pricing and to schedule a pickup on Kalmia Court’s service day or another day.

Fire Safety During the Grilling Season

City regulations restrict the size of gas grills on balconies and decks like the ones here at Kalmia Court where the exterior walls are combustible (e.g., wood siding) and the grill cannot be placed at least 10 feet from any wall. Only small (2.5 lb./16.4 oz) #1 propane bottle sizes are allowed in propane grills. If you need a bigger grill for a larger gathering, please use the full sized grill in the pool area.

Kalmia Court’s New Water Budget Saves Us Money

Background: The City of Boulder Water Department has a water rate structure that uses “water budgets.” Kalmia Court’s water budget is the sum of amounts of water all units are expected to use during a specific month.  Our overall water costs increase if we exceed our monthly water budget.

In its reviews of the Association’s water bills, the Board had observed that 2954 had unusually high water bills over several months in 2016. A Board subcommittee, led by Adolfo Perez-Duran, took on the challenge of investigating systematically why these charges were so high. They obtained the water consumption data for the entire property for the past 12 months from the Boulder Water department. Next, the committee had an on-site meeting with Water Department technicians during which they ruled out the possibility that leaks or defective meters could be the cause of excessive use.

In the process, the committee discovered that Water Department’s records listed too few units. As a result, those fewer units were recorded as consuming water over the budgeted amounts, moving the Association into a higher rate tier. The Association requested–and was granted–an increase on our water budget based on the corrected, higher number of units. This change means that the Association will no longer be charged at the higher rate. Unfortunately, the City does not give reimbursements, but the upshot of the Committee’s effort is that we estimate savings of at least $1200.00 per year on water costs, a reduction of 0.5% of on our annual expenses!

The Board is grateful for the Committee’s careful attention to these budgetary details that will help us to use our financial resources wisely.

Building Community

Welcome Bill and Arlene Cutler, the new owners in Unit 42.  Bill is a geologist who works part time. Arlene is a retired occupational therapist. They have two kids who are both in college. They are delighted with the way life in Kalmia Court allows them to pursue an active outdoor lifestyle. Bill is an avid tennis player. They are both looking forward to meeting their new neighbors at the pool. They are very interested in building community and have already made a great contribution by donating their all weather ping pong table to the community. The table (including paddles and a net) will be set up in under the pool shelter. Stop by and get acquainted.

Thinking About Doing Renovations within Your Unit?

FAQs for Kalmia Court Rules & Boulder City Permitting and Inspection

  1. When do I need to get Association/Board approval for a renovation project?
    Kalmia Court Rules and Regulations (Rule 15) defines a major renovation as any alteration to your unit that would in any way change or otherwise affect the outside appearance or the structural integrity including penetrations or removal or modification of any bearing wall of the building (including the balcony) is considered a major construction project and must be presented to the HOA Board for approval.
  2. What constitutes a minor renovation in my unit?
    Most renovations are considered minor in the eyes of the Association in that you don’t need to get Board approval or submit plans.  However, you may need a permit from the City of Boulder.
  3. What kinds of projects require City permits and inspections? Essentially, any drywall removal more than 32 sq.ft., any plumbing or electrical work (other than replacement of a toilet), or mechanical work.  Check with the Boulder Planning and Development Services Department for specific requirements for multi-family dwellings.
  4. What if an owner is performing the work and not a license, bonded/insured person?  In multi-family residences, owners cannot perform work that requires a permit. It must be done by a licensed contractor.  Additionally, only contractors with Class B or Class A licenses may do work.
  5. What is the City’s inspection process? Inspections depend on the scope of work, there are typically rough inspections that happen as the work is progressing and a final inspection to close the permit out.

Thinking About Replacing the Doors to Your Deck?  

If you are planning to do a patio door replacement, talk with the Architectural Control Committee before you start. The design of your door and deck needs to be inspected so any membrane issues can be addressed before the new door is installed.

The Association is responsible for maintaining and replacing the waterproof membranes below your balcony deck. However, damage caused by owners’ decking (for example, screws or nails) or by the improper installation of a new door is the responsibility of the owner.

Homeowners and Rental Insurance

The Association would like to remind everyone to make sure they have proper homeowners insurance.  See more information here.

Your Kalmia Court Board of Directors.

2938 Lower Deck Repair Project

September 9, 2016

October-November 2016

20160909_075036_1473434016842The Problem

The waterproofing of the surface of 2938 was part of the Renovation Project in 2011. It was a key part of the overall project to keep the building foundations from corroding.

Over time, the current coating has begun to fail. The surface was patched under the initial 2 year warranty but the results have not been satisfactory. Cracks and surface breakage are continuing to appear and worsen.

The Solution

The extent and nature of the problem requires adequate investment. The Board has sought professional advice from consulting engineers (Martin/Martin) and surface experts (Summit Sealants and BASF). They have advised us that investing in a full replacement of the surface the entire first floor deck now will be more cost effective over the long term. The new surface will also be more flexible and better adapted for predictable weather-related expansion and contraction in the concrete. The project implementation will be monitored by Martin/Martin and BASF.  

As a Board, we believe we have identified the least costly and most durable solution to a chronic structural problem on our property.

The project will involve:

  1. grinding off the current surface
  2. testing the bare concrete (The results will determine  the best coating to use)
  3. concrete repairs, sealing cracks and replacing joints seals.
  4. installing new traffic covering (BASF primer, base and top surface coatings)

Impact on 2938 Residents

The project will begin on October 3rd and last until November 22nd (weather permitting) and will primarily impact residents who access their units by the first floor deck (Units 1-5,  9, 10, 13-18, 23, 24).  There may also be times when residents on other levels may need to take detours to their units.

PLEASE REMOVE ALL PERSONAL ITEMS FROM THE FIRST FLOOR DECK BEFORE OCTOBER 3RD. This includes but is not limited to all chairs, tables, door mats, pots, etc.

The removal of the current covering for the entire deck will be done over the course of 6 days starting about 10/5.  Residents should expect noise from the grinding processes and other machinery during the surface removal (Oct 5-12) and concrete repairs (Oct 13-24).

Installation of the new covering will take place in two phases: Phase 1 (Nov 7-11) and Phase 2  (Nov 14-17). Plywood walkways will be provided a times during the installation of the new coating to allow residents to get in and out of their units.

Summit Sealants will be posting specific details on the doors of those that will be directly affected.

Meanwhile, we appreciate your patience with any inconvenience the project may cause and support for protecting the value of our Kalmia Court property.

If you have questions, please contact our property manager Jacki Rivera, or attend our next Board meeting – September 26th, 5:30pm at building 2954 unit #43.

2016 High Summer Pool Party/Potluck

July 6, 2016

sunJoin Us!

Get acquainted with your neighbors
(& welcome our newcomers)

Friday, July 29: 5:30-9:00 PM

Bring a Dish to Share
BYO drinks (no glass bottles)

Cups, paper plates and flatware will be provided.

RSVP by July 27

Let us know that you will be coming and what you plan to bring.
email: Heather McDonald

Pool Security Notice

July 6, 2016


Our pool area is wonderful amenity, but it can also be an enticing one. Unfortunately we have had repeated problems with:

  • Pool users staying in the pool area until late hours in the evening disturbing residents who live close to the pool.
  • Trespassing and breaking into the pool area at night.
  • Vandalism.

To protect the Association’s property, the Board of Directors has contracted with Colorado Security Services (CSS) to patrol the pool area.

Please be aware that uniformed CSS personnel will insure that:

  • only authorized people are using the pool and tennis courts.
  • all pool/spa users have left by the 11 PM
  • no trespassing or other criminal activities are taking place


  • Residents must have their keys with them when using the pool, and they must accompany any guests while they are at the pool.
  • CSS personnel are authorized to obtain and report the names, unit numbers and contact information of any pool users who are in the pool after hours.
  • Owners are responsible for rule violations committed by their tenants and guests. Violations of Kalmia Court rules for Pool Area by residents (owners or tenants) or their guests use may result in fines for the owners. Trespassers may be ticketed.


We encourage all residents to respect these guidelines to protect our property. If you see any violations please report them to the after hours emergency line:  303-530-0700, option 4


April 5, 2016

Every spring is the only spring, a perpetual astonishment. – Ellis Peters

Read more at:

NEW!  A free private social network for our neighbors and community.

untitled’s mission is to use the power of technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods. You have probably seen the notices about this new network on our mailbox bulletin boards. The network will allow Kalmia Court residents to communicate easily online with each other–and if they want—with residents in other Boulder neighborhoods.

We encourage you to participate in this resource — IT’S FREE. Go to this link to join:
You will automatically be directed to the Nextdoor website for Kalmia Court. If you received an invitation to join Nextdoor from another Kalmia Court resident, follow the special link on your invitation to create your account.

As of mid-March, 20 Kalmia Court residents have signed up. Having at least 30 members in our network would optimize the system.

The network has already been helpful for getting recommendations for services, publicizing requests for used items and alerting us to potential dangers (e.g., risks of icy sidewalks after our recent storms). Members can share information about community events and opportunities to share resources (e.g., sharing rides to ski areas). Members can also use the free Nextdoor classified services advertise services and items they want to sell.

IMG_5689No Parking along Kalmia Avenue

Please note that the city has installed NO PARKING signs along our property on Kalmia Avenue.  Parking there was very dangerous because it obstructed the view of traffic for cars exiting the complex. Many thanks to Board member Kevin for calling this danger to the attention of the city.

agendaConvenient New Location for Board Meetings

All Owners of the KC community—new owners, especially—are invited to come to the monthly meetings which are held on the 4th Monday of the month at 5:30 PM. The next meeting is April 25th. Adolfo has generously offered the use of his unit (2954 Kalmia Ave., Unit 43) making it convenient for owners to attend.

Our meetings are a great opportunity to get to get acquainted with the Board and other owners and learn how our HOA governance works. Our community is fortunate that we have a highly experienced and committed Board. Our meetings are energetic, fun and efficient.

Homeowners and Rental Insurance

insuranceThe Association’s insurance company recommends a standard HO6 policy to cover damage to your condo and your personal items from lightning, hail, windstorm, fire, vandalism, explosion, burglary, damage from any falling objects, aircraft, smoke or vehicles. This policy also covers damages to any fixtures of upgrades you added on since your move-in date. HO6 policies also provide liability protection.

Our Declarations also require owners who rent their units to have a rental insurance policy.

According to our Declarations, if an owner fails to obtain and maintain such insurance, and an uninsured loss occurs which would have otherwise been covered under the required insurance, the owner will be liable to the Association for any losses the Association suffers.

Loss Assessment insurance – Our revised declarations also require owners to have loss assessment coverage. This insurance protects you in the event of a special assessment for damage to the property’s Common Elements not covered by the Association’s insurance. For example, if the Association suffers from a major disaster (e.g., wind or hail damage to buildings) that force special assessment to repair. This policy would protect you from sudden, large expenses.

Neither of these types of policies is expensive. Protect yourself and your property. Check with your insurer for more information.

Renovation Loan Payoffs: Progress Report

Hooray! 44 owners (out of 61) have paid off their loans. This means that along with our monthly payments, our Renovation Project loan is about 80% paid off within 5 years.

There is still a possibility the Federal Reserve Board will raise interest rates. Our lender can raise interest rates on the Association’s loan this year. Interest rates are still quite low. If you are still paying off your portion of the loan, consider the possibility of getting your own loan for the remainder. Talk to your financial consultant or tax professional about how you could save money in the 2016 tax year.

For example: Explore the possibility of financing your portion to a tax-deductible home equity loan or HELOC. These options may even get you a lower interest rate. Or, if you can, pay off your portion of the loan.

New Snow Removal Company

Snowshovel removal is one of the Association’s biggest—and most unpredictable—annual expenses. For the 2014-15 season, snow removal costs 40% over budget. For 2015-16, the Board contracted with a new company. The contract will allow the Board more control over how often snow will be shoveled. There is still some fine-tuning to be done and it’s difficult to make exact comparisons year to year because of different snowfall patterns, however, this strategy has already saved the Association save over $12K compared to last season.

Here’s hoping that the snow is done until the fall!

High Summer Pool Party and More

August 9, 2015

You are Invited!

Friday, August 14
5:30-9:00 PM

Get acquainted with our new residents and all the other fascinating people who have lived in Kalmia Court for years!


Light Potluck & BYO Drinks
Bring a dish to share:
Sandwich makings/Hor d’oeuvres
            or Dessert

RSVP by August 13
Email Heather McDonald: to tell us what you will be bringing

Pool security

While the new key system is working much better than the combination code, in reality, we can only minimize unauthorized use of the recreation area, not stop it all together.  This summer we have had a few unauthorized users of the pool and tennis court. Do not try confront these scofflaws yourself, let the police do it. Make an anonymous call to the Boulder Police non-emergency dispatch line: 303-441-3333

Parking around the island

In the last blog post, we reminded residents about Kalmia Court parking rules. Residents have been a bit confused about how to indicate that they are having guests park at the island. Our new simplified policy is: 1) put a note with your unit number your guest’s car dash and 2) call HAVEN (303-530-0700) to notify them that you have a guest, the guests’ license number, and how long they will be staying.

Remember,  it is never OK for owners and tenants to park in the center island overnight.   This area is for visitors only. Contact HAVEN if you have a need for a temporary exception to any parking rules.

New Rules and Regulations Published

A revised version of the Kalmia Court Rules and Regulations has just been completed.  All owners will receive a hard copy of the document in the mail. You can also read it online: KC Rules and Regs Revised July 2015.  Be sure to read through it carefully. There may be details that you were unaware of.

Those owners who rent their unit are responsible for making sure their tenants get a copy and are responsible for tenant violations.

Kalmia Court Maintenance Matrix

All owners will be receiving a matrix chart by mail that specifies who (Owner or the Association) is responsible for maintaining or repairing different elements of the Kalmia Court property. This is a convenient checklist that you can use for planning changes in your unit or in case of emergencies.The matrix was developed by the Association’s attorney and is based on the Kalmia Court Declaration of Covenants.

Tennis Court Bulletin Boards

Lots of people are enjoying the tennis court this summer.  The general policy is that court use is on a first come basis with a one hour maximum in case of others waiting.  However, a new bulletin board will be installed on the tennis court fence to reserve specific court times. You will no longer need to post notices on the three mailbox bulletin boards.

Short Term Rentals

With the advent of Internet services such as Airbnb and VRBO, a reminder that this kind of short term rental is a violations of the Association’s Governing documents. Owners who rent their units are not allowed to lease for less than 12 months. Owners who are caught renting for “hotel or transitory purposes” using such services as Airbnb or VRBO are subject to fines that will increase with each event (see Kalmia Court Enforcement Policy, revised 2015).

Wondering Where to Find Past Posts of the Kalmia Court Blog?

Even if you have lost track of this blog in your emails, you can always find the link at our Kalmia Court website.  The direct link is:

The Pool is Open

June 8, 2015


Our community’s pool and gas grill are wonderful amenities but it requires that all who use them protect these resources and respect the rights of other residents.

Pool and Spa

Pool hours: 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Sun. – Thurs., 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Fri. & Sat.
Spa: 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
If you use the pool or spa in the evening, please keep the noise down between 9-11 PM. Residents in the north end of 2938 can hear the noise in their units.

Gate Keys

If you have not yet done so, you can make arrangements to pick it up your key at our property management office – HAVEN Property Managers and Advisors, 1000 S. McCaslin Blvd. Suite 300, Superior (near Costco), 303-530-0700,

As a reminder, there is one key per unit and a $50 fee for lost key replacement.  Owners are responsible for passing along and retrieving their key from their rental tenants.

Pool Area Security

Periodically, we have had problems with intruders and unauthorized use of the recreation area. Please:

  • Don’t let anyone into the area that doesn’t have their key to indicate membership,
  • never prop open the gates and
  • make sure they are closed completely and locked when you leave.

If you are aware of unauthorized users after hours, call the police (911). Stay safe. Do not challenge them.

Gas Grill and Tables

As the saying goes, “Your mother doesn’t live here…”  Please wash the tables, clear the area of debris, and clean the grill and utensils after you use them. There are cleaning materials in the cabinet under the grill and in the restrooms.


A reminder to everyone that there are only a limited number of visitor parking spots.  To be fair to everyone, they are not to be used by owners or renters for extra cars or overnight parking. Please use your assigned spaces or garages.  Owners that violate these rules can be fined:

All parking spaces in the center island and in front of the townhouses are part of the common property of Kalmia Court.  Violators may have their vehicles booted or towed at the expense of the vehicle owner and/or the unit owner fined.

The parking spaces around the center island are intended for short term parking by visitors and residents. Except for emergencies, overnight parking here is for visitors only. Overnight vehicles must display a note in their windshields, with unit owner’s name, unit number, phone number; guest’s name and phone number; and dates of expected use. Visitors may only park for a maximum of 10 days within a 30 day period.

See the KC Rules and Regs Revised June 2013 for the complete parking rules.

Going on Vacation?
Arrange for Emergency Access into Your Unit Before You Leave

Remember that the Association does not maintain a lock box of keys to units for emergency access. Owners are responsible for leaving keys to their units with a neighbor or someone else they trust. Before leaving on any trip, please remember to notify HAVEN who has your key and your emergency contact number.

In any case, make sure HAVEN has your complete contact information including cell phone, email and who to contact in case of and emergency. This information is archived along with your other account information in their system so they can retrieve it quickly if needed.

Planning for 2016 Association Improvement Loan Refinancing

Thirty-nine (64%) of Kalmia Court homeowners have paid their portion of the Association’s improvement loan.

For the 22 remaining owners, there are a couple things to consider in the coming year. Remember that payments toward your portion of the loan are treated as part of your monthly assessment and therefore are not tax deductible.

Regarding interest rates, the Association’s loan is due to refinance early in 2016.  With the Fed seriously considering an interest rate hike this year, there is a good chance that the loan will be refinanced at a higher interest rate. If interest rates do go up, owners with outstanding balances on their improvement loans will have rate increases.

Talk to your financial consultant or tax professional about how you could save money in the 2015 tax year.  For example:

Explore the possibility of financing your portion to a tax deductible home equity loan or HELOC. These options may even get you a lower interest rate.
Or, if you can, pay off your portion of the loan.

Owner Obligations for Maintenance

In recent weeks, the Board has been responding to a number of questions about who is responsible for the cost of repairs within a unit if the cause of the damage comes from outside the unit.  The Association’s attorney has given us the following guidance:

The Association is generally responsible for the maintenance and repair of the common elements, while the owner is responsible for the interior of his/her unit. An exception to this would be when the damage is caused by willful actions or negligence.  For example, if the Association is aware there is roof damage and they fail to repair it, it could be responsible for water leaks that damage a Unit’s interior.  In this case they could be negligent in not repairing the roof damage.  However, if the Association was not previously aware of the roof damage, they are likely not negligent and the Unit owner would remain responsible for repairing the interior damage.  This policy is consistent with Section 21(D) of the Amended Declaration, which states that if the need for repair of the common elements is caused by the negligence or willful act of an owner, the expense and costs associated with the repair shall be the personal obligation of the owner.  In sum, without any negligence or to will act, the maintenance and repair obligations do not change.

If the damage is caused by negligence on the part of the owner (tenant) in another unit, owners are responsible for negotiating how to resolve the liability with the help their respective insurance companies. This is not the responsibility of the Association.

Summer Repairs

This summer we will be painting the 2938 building and the railings at 2946. Units in 2938 will need to remove personal items away from areas being painted.  Stay tuned for more information. This work will be done as weather permits.


The Board is also reviewing bids repairing the concrete around the garbage corral to be done this summer. For this project, the corral and dumpsters will be moved into the guest parking area next to the island, reducing the number of spaces available.  Traffic flow will also be affected as the areas will need to cure. The community will be notified when the work will start.

Here Comes the Sun

April 12, 2015


As the Beatles’ song reminds us: “Here comes the sun!”  (Click on this link to hear George Harrison sing it.)

After a long, heavy winter, we are grateful for the arrival of Spring. The spring flowers are out in force and the Board has been working hard to prepare the property for the coming year.


New Executive Board

Nancy Fritch, President
Kevin Schill, Vice President
Su-Esta Scott, Treasurer
Andrea Meier, Secretary
Ray McCarus, member without portfolio (yet!)

Work Projects
Better weather has enabled the Association to address problems with the 2938 building with first floor condos frozen and broken drains that have caused flooding in their units and some storage areas during the winter.

The Association contracted with RECON Construction Company to do a systematic assessment of the situation. They uncovered a variety of related problems.

  • Raccoon infestations had caused extensive damage on the north side of the 2938 garage ceiling above the store room hallway and storage units. These critters had moved or destroyed insulation around pipes and chewed on electrical wires causing a fire hazard.
  • When they investigated the insulation in some areas where there have been frozen pipe problems,  they discovered that when work had been done in the garage ceilings in the past, the insulation had not been put back properly in some areas.


Over the past two weeks, RECON workers have made the following repairs:

  • Insulation: re-wrapped pipes with insulation below unit #5 in #16 and #22 storage units, and packed more insulation between the pipes and the garage wall, and in the ceiling over Unit #10’s parking space.
  • Heat tape: New heat tape was installed to prevent frozen pipes in #16 and #22 storage units, and over Unit #10’s parking space.
  • Electrical repairs: Repairs were made to the wiring in storage units #1, #2 and over #10’s parking space where wiring to that unit’s AC was repaired.
  • Plumbing: Repairs were made  under Unit #1. The floor drain from Unit # 5 was replaced. The investigation found that pipes under Units #1 and #5  have always had inadequate slope so they did not flow well but these are structural problems which are impossible to correct. The solution will be to have these drains cleaned regularly to prevent them from becoming blocked.

The Board has instituted several strategies to prevent these problems from recurring.

  • We hope that the repair of heat tapes in the areas will prevent or lessen future freezing problems.
  • The drain stacks in 2938 and 2946 will be cleaned annually to prevent accumulating blockages.
  • All future contracts for work in the garage ceilings in both of these buildings will specify that insulation must be properly re-installed around pipes and wiring.
  • The pest control company has identified access points into the garage and closed them.

raccoonCritter Vigilantes Unite!
Having invested in these extensive physical plant repairs, we need your help to keep the raccoon from damaging it again. As much as we love our natural environment and our animal neighbors, we need to take steps to avoid attracting them on to the property.

  • No matter which floor you live on, do not leave food (human or bird) or garbage bags on your decks or walkways.
  • Always close the covers on the garbage and compost dumpsters.
  • If you see raccoon anywhere on the property, notify HAVEN right away.

Keep Your Drains Clear

sinkOwners, especially in the condos, have always had issues with the drains from the kitchens clogging and causing flooding in the units below.  Even with proper use of a disposal, it is still a problem due a bad design in the plumbing drain pipes.  We are going to regularly snake these drains, however, not contributing to the problem would avoid backups in between.

Kalmia Court drains are finicky. Please remember to compost or trash everything you can. Click here for a great list of compostable items that you may not have thought of.

NoSmokeAnti-smoking Rules
It is widely accepted that cigarette smoking is very hazardous for the smoker’s health. There is also increasing evidence about the health risks caused by secondhand smoke. Many people have problems with asthma which is aggravated by smoke. This is why we have the rule that no smoking is allowed on the Kalmia Court property except within your own unit–with all windows shut. We have found that when people smoke on their decks, patios or walkways, residents in nearby units are often impacted. These areas are considered part of the Association’s common elements, so the Association has the authority to forbid smoking on them. Owners are responsible for their tenants and any guests who smoke and who violate this rule.

Hot Water Heaters
water heater
We recently had a first floor owner’s hot water heater fail in 2938.  This caused damage to the unit and extensive drywall damage to the garage ceiling.  All the repairs are the responsibility of the owner of the unit with the failed heater.

BE PROACTIVE! Once your water heater turns 10 years old, it’s a good idea to have it inspected on an annual basis.  These failures are often catastrophic and cause serious damage to the owners unit, other units below, and to the building.


keyThere has been some questions about our previous post on Emergency Keys (read again here).

Our management company has advised us against keeping owners’ keys for liability reasons. In part, the issue is one of expectations. Owners might assume that if the Association has the keys, that a Board member will be available to access the in case of emergencies and they won’t make their own arrangements for emergency access.  It is not the Board’s responsibility to manage emergency access to units.

All owners should make plans for emergency access to their units and notify HAVEN with their complete contact information including cell phone, email and who to contact in case of an emergency.

Maintenance Calendar  


  • Spring cleaning will be going on all over the property
  • Irrigation and fertilization of lawns, trees and shrugs


  • Pool opens: May 23rd.

Thank you for helping us keep Kalmia Court a pleasant place to live.
Your Kalmia Court Board of Directors

Recreation/Pool Area Locks Changed

December 19, 2014

The gate locks for the Kalmia Court Recreation/Pool area have been changed from combination locks to keys.

History:  As a part of the Renovation Project in 2011, the locks for the pool area were changed from a key system to combination.  It was reasoned that this would be easier for members.  Unfortunately it was proven too easy.  There has been problems with the code being widely distributed to non-residents resulting in unauthorized use and even a few instances of vandalism.  Additionally, there was a safety code violation in that a code was required to exit the pool area.

New key system: uses a high security key lock cylinder on one side only; no key is required to exit the area.  One non-duplicatable key will be issued to each Owner. There is a $50 fee for replacement keys.

Owners will be required to sign for receipt of their key. Owners delinquent on their account will not be able to receive their key until it is brought up to date.

Keys will be distributed to Owners at the condos of Board members as follows:

  • Andrea Meier #6 – Saturday 12/20, 1pm – 5pm
  • Kevin Schill #51 – Sunday 12/21, noon and 2pm
  • Su-Esta Scott #61 – call for appt. Monday 12/22 10-6 for 2946 only
  • Nancy Fritch #27 – for appt. Monday 12/22 10-6 for 2938, 2954, 2962

Starting 12/23, you can make arrangements to pick up your key at our property management office – HAVEN Property Managers and Advisors, 1000 S. McCaslin Blvd. Suite 300, Superior (near Costco), 303-530-0700,  We will also have them available for pickup at the Annual Meeting on January 22nd.

If you would like your renter to pick up your key, send an email from your registered email address to  Include your unit number and the name and contact information of the tenant being authorized.

Owners are responsible for passing their key to their tenant and retrieving it on their move-out. When a unit is sold the key will be passed to the new owners as part of the closing.